Bus station: Some companies connects Pamplona with the main cities of Spain and many european cities.

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A lot of companies offer direct lines from different European countries to various places in Spain.

See the table below:

Germany: Alsa, Eurolines
Latvia: Alsa
Andorra: Alsa
Lithuania: Alsa
Belgium: Alsa, Eurolines, Starbus
Luxembourg: Alsa, Eurolines
Belarus: Alsa
Morocco: Alsa, Eurolines, Linebús
Bulgaria: Eurolines
Poland: Alsa, Eurolines
Slovakia: Alsa
Portugal: Alsa, Eurolines
France: Alsa, Eurolines, Linebús
Romania: Alsa, Eurolines, Linebús
United Kingdom: Alsa
Czech Republic: Alsa, Eurolines
Netherlands: Alsa, Eurolines, Starbus
Russia: Alsa
Italy: Alsa, Eurolines
Switzerland: Alsa, Eurolines
Ukraine: Alsa

The most useful websites you can use for traveling by bus are those of the European bus companies:

Train station: Of course you also have the choice to take a train. It is a very confortable option and a good value for money. If you are going to Madrid or Barcelona or to the south of Spain is very convenient. At the website of the Spanish Railway Public Company (RENFE) you will find full information.

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Spain is linked by the international rail network to Portugal, France, Switzerland and Italy. Besides this, you also have the AVE high-speed train that runs between France and Spain. Here's a table with a selection of rail services to Spain:

  • Marseille (France) Barcelona and Madrid (Spain) AVE high-speed train
  • Paris (France) Barcelona (Spain) AVE high-speed train
  • Lyon (France) Barcelona (Spain) AVE high-speed train
  • Toulouse (France) Barcelona (Spain) AVE high-speed train
  • Paris (France) Irún (Spain) Intercité night trains
  • Nice (France) Irún (Spain) Intercité night trains
  • Geneva (Switzerland) Irún (Spain) Intercité night trains
  • Toulouse (France) Irún (Spain) Intercité day trains
  • Lisbon (Portugal) Madrid (Spain) Lusitania
  • Lisbon (Portugal) Irún (Spain) Surexpreso
  • Oporto (Portugal) Vigo (Spain) Vigo - Oporto

So, if you prefer to travel by train, you can choose between two different types:

There are three major companies that sell passes and tickets for European railroads:

This way of travelling is really easy and cheap if you live in Europe. Unfortunately, you can’t make use of this transport opportunity if you live in another continent.

Airport: Pamplona itself has an airport located in the neighborhood of Noáin. Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum) operates 5 flights a day to and from Madrid.

The only other destination available to the airport is a Vueling service to Barcelona, which has an unfrequent schedule.

On the other hand, since November 2017 Lufthansa offers flights between Pamplona and Frankfurt.

Apart from the one in Noáin, the two nearest airports are in Bilbao and Zaragoza. Bilbao is home to the largest airport in Northern Spain. It boasts flights to nearly every EU member nation. Zaragoza has more low-cost airlines serving limited, usually smaller, destinations.

If you want to explore many countries during your stay, the best transportation option is still the airport.

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Some Spanish airports have multiple non-stop flights, connecting you with the world's most important cities. It is also very easy but a little bit expensive to fly from one Spanish airport to another. The most popular airports are:

By sea: From some countries there is also the opportunity to take a boat to Spain. Unfortunately, it is only for a limited number of countries: the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Morocco and Algeria.

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The most popular companies in charge for this way of travelling are: