In Pamplona you have a lot of different things to do, besides your studying of course. Let us start with summing up the top tourist attractions that you just have to see when you are staying here for a couple of months:

The Cathedral of Pamplona:

This monument is not only beautiful from the outside, it also has a rich and interesting history. Inside, there is a wonderful museum where you can find this out. Furthermore, there are also planned a lot of activities you can participate with. Check the activity calendar for this.

The Museum of Navarra:

This museum that covers the history of the whole region of Navarra, is situated in Pamplona, more specific in an old pilgrims' hospital. It has more than 30 different rooms, with collections, archaeological objects, fine arts, medieval paintings, Moorish treasures... Really worth the visit!

La Ciudadela:

This fortress is situated in the middle of the Parc de la Ciudadela. The park itself is huge and really beautiful for a walk, a picnic, some relaxing time or even a run. The view of the Ciudadela is impressive. Go and check it out!

La Plaza del Castillo:

This square is seen as the most central feature of Pamplona. It is situated in the heart of the city and is very popular by the local population as a place to hang out.

El Ayuntamiento:

This is the town hall building, constructed in the 17th century, decorated with colourful flags. You can find it at the charming small square, called Plaza Consistorial.

La Iglesia de San Nicolás:

This church is one of the most famous churches in Pamplona, because it is the only one that has maintained its original Romanesque structure.

The Bullring and The Running of the Bulls Monument:

The bullring is situated on the Paseo de Hemingway, named after the famous writer Ernest Hemingway became San Fermines world renowned thanks to his novel 'The sun also rises' ('Fiesta' is the title of the Spanish version). Very close by is the monument, which illustrates an exciting running of the bulls.

Besides these really nice sightseeing places, the city also has a lot of enjoyable parks. Pamplona is listed as one of the most green cities of Europe, which you can see at the big amount of parks and the green vegetation along the road. The most popular and most-visited parks of the city are:

  • Parque de la Ciudadela
  • Parque de la Taconera
  • Parque de la Medialuna
  • Parque de Tejería
  • Parque del río Arga
  • Parque de Yamaguchi
  • Parque de los Enamorados
  • Parque del Runa
  • Parque de Antoniutti
  • Parque Arrosadia

If you want to do a nice daywalk, we can recommend you to follow one of the following:

El paseo de la Ciudadela y de las murallas: This walk lets you experience a really beautifull part of the city, together with 12 famous monuments.

El parque fluvial del Arga: This route takes you along the side of the river “Arga” to the most beautiful bridges and a special mill. For nature lovers a must!

El Camino de Santiago: This walk is a part of the famous “Camino de Santiago” and shows you 9 incredible churches, museums...

El paseo de la Pamplona monumental: Through this walk you will see 25 different must-sees of Pamplona. Highly recommended!

El recorrido del encierro: This route is the way the bulls run during the famous running of the bulls event in Pamplona.

For the more culture-oriented people, we have a list of the best museums you can find in Pamplona:

Pamplona is full of cultural events and patrimonies. The city's commitment to the educational development of its citizens is expressed clearly through its sponsorship of institutions such as the Gayarre Theater, El Baluarte and the Planetarium:

Gayarre Theater

As the main theater of Pamplona, the Gayarre features a wide array of plays and presentations throughout the year. Theater had existed in the city since 1608 in the form of the Teatro Principal (main theater) which stood until its demolition in 1931. It moved to its current location on Charles III Avenue that same year. Just about every week there's a production playing in its large auditorium. Tickets to these events can be purchased online or at the entrance to the theater before the beginning of the play. It should be noted, however, that all shows are in Spanish unless otherwise indicated.


It is the house of congress and the auditorium of Pamplona. It hosts many exhibitions as well as cultural and commercial events. It was built in 2003.


One of Pamplona's newer attractions can be found in the Yamaguchi Park near the campus. Built in 1993, the 'Planetario de Pamplona' has been offering projector shows on its domed roof for years. Visitors are treated to a small museum that explains atmospheric and galactic phenomena before they enter the theater. Once seated, the 3d projection show begins and an astronomer guides the viewers along a journey through space. The Planetarium is open every day of the week except for Sundays, some Mondays, and holidays.