If you are coming to Pamplona, you have two main options to get here:

  • Lufthansa offers direct flights between Pamplona and Frankfurt.
  • Fly from your home country to Madrid-Barajas and transfer to either another flight, a train, or even a bus to Pamplona. The train is a very good option. Also you can take a plane from your home country to either Bilbao or Zaragoza. Bilbao has connections to Pamplona via a 2 hour bus provided by La Burundesa. Pamplona is connected with Zaragoza with a Renfe train service or bus. Don’t forget to make a reservation!

Also there are some companies to share a route by car. Bla Bla Car is the most popular.

+ information

You can find a lot of services online which help you find the cheapest flights from all around the world to Spain. Here are some examples:

If you want some more information about airlines, discounts, check-in, safety regulations, and baggage allowance you can always go to the website of the AENA. AENA is Spanish state-owned company entrusted with the management and the development of airports in Spain.