Post Office

There some post offices in Pamplona. Students usually go to the post office at avenida de Sancho el Fuerte since it's in Iturrama district.


Pamplona is the best city to get sick since there is a pharmacy on every corner of every street. There is even a pharmacy that is open 24/7 and this is located at the entrance of the park La Ciudadela in the street Yanguas y Miranda.

Taxi ranks

There are a lot of taxi ranks in Pamplona. Train, bus and airport terminals have their onw taxi rank. At Iñigo Arista street you will find one as well as at Esquiroz street parallel to Iñigo Arista. At the hospitals area you have one at the Hospital Virgen del Camino and Clinica Universidad de Navarra. There is another one nearby Parque de La Vaguada (Plaza de Europa). When you're walking further to Parque De Biurdana, you have another taxi rank at Monasterio de la Oliva street. If you walk down to Parque Larraina, there is a taxi rank at Monasterio de Irache street.

Public toilets and baths

You can find public toilets in the park la Ciudadela, at the park Parque de la Taconera, at Taconera street, at Plaza de los Fueros next to La Ciudadela, at Plaza de la Cruz a little bit further. At Avenida Carlos III, paseo de Sarasate, at number 27 near Plaza de Toros, and at Plaza del Castillo.