Where to go?

The historical center of Pamplona is full of sight-seeing opportunities. Most students usually go for a walk through the streets of the city or have a pintxo and a beer. Those are the most popular activities among the youth.

There are several streets that are full of bars and restaurants in Pamplona where you can eat some local dishes:

  • Calle Estafeta
  • Calle San Nicolás
  • Calle Zapatería

Not to mention that on Thursdays there is something called 'Juevintxo', which means that in many well-known bars, most of the pintxos that are sold are much cheaper than usual.

However, if you aren't in the mood, there is no problem! There are many other places where you can go with your friends and have fun.

There are two malls (Itaora and La Morea) in Pamplona and they both have bowling, shops, restaurants and cinemas.

There are a few cinemas in the city:

  • Golem Bayona
  • Golem Yamaguchi
  • Golem La Morea
  • Cines Itaroa

There are also more relaxing places aside from the malls and the historical center of Pamplona. There are two main parks (La Ciudadela and Yamaguchi) where people usually go and have a rest.