After more than 20 years in Unicasa, we have very clear ideas:

Simplicity: The apartments are fully equipped, close to the universities (5-10 minutes walk), we help you with the paperwork and we include a fortnightly cleaning of the apartments because a little help never hurts.

Security: Maintenance and repairs for wear and tear are included, plus we offer a 24 hour emergency phone number, just in case.

Privacy: We believe that sharing is wonderful, but that's what the communal areas are for. Each student has a private room. We will never enter a flat without prior notice.

Economy: At Unicasa the price you see is the price you get. Internet, electricity, heating and water are all included in the price. Because everyone should be able to afford to study in Pamplona.

C/ Iñigo Arista 19 bajo (Esquina C/ Iturrama) 31007 - Pamplona
Tel. +34 948 10 34 10